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Friday, 24 November 2006
So, here it is... The official ‘Plunkett' website up and running nearly a year after we finished the '14 Days' album.
‘Why did it take so long?' we hear you ask.
Well, at first, we were just happy sharing it with family, friends and anyone else we came in contact with who seemed mildly interested… And we had a lot of good comments about the music we'd made.
We toyed over the idea of sending it off to some labels, but in the end for reasons explained elsewhere in the site, we decided not to... But at the same time it'd be nice if more people had the opportunity to hear us.
Answer… The internet. Problem... getting people to visit our site, but as we started looking into the problem we became more and more aware of how good the ‘concept' of it all is even if the reality has yet to be proven.
But we believe it will be. If not for us, then other like minded artists.
We're free! We can make the music we want without worrying about if it's ‘in' or fits to a certain ‘category'.
We can decide what we want to do and don't want to do.
No obligations to tour, promote or produce something new every 2 or so years... even if we hope to produce new material as soon as possible, the point is, it's our choice!
What we can offer is though regarding recorded material is the same as what we've been offered since the musical revolution of the ‘60's. A song, 40mins, 45mins, an hour, whatever you want, of music. If we want distributed for free, if not at a low price.
Ok, perhaps the audio quality won't be quite up to the highly produced sounds we're treated to nowadays, but there's more to good music than production right? The Beatles best stuff was recorded on 4 tracks!
It's come to our attention that there are thousands of ‘web radio stations' out there of whom some have played and others will be shortly playing our music. The almost ‘closed shop' of the airways has been opened via internet.
Obviously, you'll never reach the masses as the traditional stations do, but we really want to believe that there are a lot of people who want to listen to music they'd never get to hear on the wireless or see on MTV.
We should say at this point, there's still a lot of good stuff presented to the masses, but an awful lot doesn't go further than small circles of ‘fans'.
Our point? If we wanted to paint a really cynical picture of the future when all music available to the masses at 20 Euro a CD is banal, people who make music because it's art and believe that art is the only reason for doing it will hopefully have a place to be heard… So spread the word!
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