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Tuesday, 13 March 2007
Some people visit our site and then go again. Others visit our site and leave us a message...
A couple of months ago we received an interesting message from New York based Russian independent film maker Natasha Guruleva (AccentWorksProductions). Surfing as you do, looking for some music to use as a sound track for her new film ‘Dave’s Date’ she came across us and asked us if we’d be interested in letting her use some of the 14 Days songs in the film. She sent us a copy of the film; we watched it and said ‘Would be a pleasure!’
The uncanny thing is, lyrically it’s almost as if 14 Days was written purposefully for ‘Dave’s Date’ and in the final version, 12 of the 13 songs are featured.
Here’s how Natasha describes her new film...‘’ If you learn about life in the US from the popular films you would think that people live in mansions and have a perpetual excitement of burning property, explosions, Cinderella-happiness and fights against cruel plots of evil guys of all sorts – from common folks from the neighbourhood to extraterrestrials. You would think that the local river is filled with blood and streets are trampled by courageous loving heroes.
When I came to New York years ago I've discovered that none of it is true. I've got stuck in the corner of isolation and solitude. And I know that I am not alone. - Well, in my corner I am. But in such a position I am not.
Actually, I see the country of my residence as a land of zillions of corners. Some are stuffed with goals and achievements, some with ideas and intentions, some with stuff and furniture, some have no space for anything but the body. And breaking out of my corner in search of a "one-of-a-feather" flock, be it real or virtual, became my never-ending motivation for life-continuum.
But since I know the world of isolation and desire to escape it so well, it became one of the major subjects of my stories: "Russian Bride", "Chasing a Butterfly", "Mr. Brown", "Cousins". And telling my stories became a way to find connection to the "flock", the place of belonging and meaning of existence.

"Dave's Date" is also a story where main character, cornered in a solitude and darkness of his basement-apartment, has to face the fact of his suffocation and find the way out. He knows a path to the place where he can breathe comfortably - it’s the nature. But the need to connect with a human soul is not met. The film tells about Dave's attempt to brake out of his loneliness. There is more to it but it's hard to be a critic of your own work. I would rather leave it to the audience.’’

Click here to see a trailer of 'Dave's Date' and know more about Natasha Guruleva's productions.

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