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Wednesday, 26 September 2007
14 DAYS :: review by Nan Glenn -

There is always a powerful joy in discovering a lyrical and emotionally deep musician for the first time.
You get to find the nuances, the highs and lows of the music and the lyrics as if they had never occurred to anyone before.
You are there at the moment of pain and joy and insight.
Then you play the album a second time and a third.
Many times the feeling becomes stale, familiarity stealing much of the power in the experience.
But in the really great music, the attachment just deepens over time, the insight becomes clearer and the highs and lows a familiar friend. Such is the case with 14 Days, the first album by Plunkett.
Ranging from purely folk style songs in the style of Bob Dylan to higher energy Indie Rock songs with a little bit of old Simon and Garfunkel style story singing in the middle, this is a great album from beginning to end.
This is an album with really great lyrics, songs that move you and make you think set to excellent music.
How much better when the back story behind an album is a great love story, a story of creativity and disappointment, of pain and triumph over time. Here is a now married couple who won out against hardship and bad times and are making a go of it on their own.
There are rumors of an album to be released before the end of the year, and I can only hope that it is true.
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