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By Ian
With the completion of 14 Days, we had a clearer idea of what we were about and where we wanted to go. Rather than repeat the intimate acoustic feeling of the last album, we wanted to realize something contrasting. We wanted to work closer together during the writing process and the presence of Lara to be felt much more.
Musically, it’s more electric and of a higher production.
Lyrically, well... That’s what the album’s all about. We wanted to say something, just like in the past ‘when the artists made art’. When music used to unite people who felt the same. Forty or so years ago it got named popular music, before that it was folk music.
I saw this on the wikipedia website and it inspired the concept of the album even further…
Folk Music
In the original sense of the term, is music by and for the common people
Defining a Folk Song
Folk song is usually seen as the authentic expression of a way of life now, past or about to disappear (or in some cases, to be preserved or somehow revived).
The underlying themes of Folk Songs are independent thought, using reason, being conscious of the past, the curious values of the 21st century, the potential of unity, responsibility and of course, consequence.
At times I think I’ve exaggerated to get my point across. Others, as daunting as it is or at the risk of being over idealistic, I think not. In either case, we truly believe in the words we sing and if others join us and believe, if only (although hopefully not) for those 3 odd minutes, that’s what folk songs for us is/are all about.

By Others
“Folk Songs”, Plunkett’s second album is an “important” work. A record of simple appearance and direct delivery, which hides much more that what can be tasted at first glance.. “Folk Songs” is a record produced with passion and joy. That’s why it sounds so beautiful, powerful and amusing. The songs flow among atmospheres of every colour, drenched in a feast of terrific electric and acoustic guitars and gorgeous voices… Sparks here and there of Pink Floyd; John Cale; Nick Drake; Bevis Frond; Paul Weller, The Negro Problem, Wondermints, Smog… Yes, it’s that good! ... Review by Luis DB read more

The 21st Century. Being witness to it can seem a double edged sword: the awareness of existing in a time where modernity is a profound stimulation is balanced by a sense of loss in the face of its primitive irrationality and the archaic mystery of its contrasts which, in the end, produce more injustice than any other time. Yet it is precisely this time that reinvents the folk song, making it possible to narrate itself, to compare itself with the past, seeking to exorcise that ‘forgetfulness’ which perhaps, after all, deep down, it might suspect is actually deserved. ... Review by Vito Volpe read more

Folk songs: music made and enjoyed in the interstices of a working life, in fast lunch breaks and short evenings and bone-weary weekends, music to lift up the spirit, open up emotions, reconnect people to the profound undertow of feeling that labour in the field or factory can dull and numb.’... Review by Stuart Wilson read more

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