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14 days by Plunkett

By Ian
14 Days.... The debut album which came about by accident. After a 2 year refusal of all things musical, I started getting the urge to pick up my guitar and start writing again. After writing as a group with Pukromo, I wanted to do something on my own. It didn’t last long though. With Lara close by it was inevitable that Lara would bring something to the songs. She did and what, for me anyway, seemed like good songs became, for us, what seemed like really good songs.
Both coming from a past of electric music ie. A mix of electronica and rock, we wanted to do something acoustic, something human and with no ulterior intensions other than writing and crafting songs, perhaps even just for ourselves. That’s what we did. We wrote for ourselves and perhaps more importantly, expressed ourselves.
Lyrically the album is of an intimate nature. It was the first time I found myself putting pen to paper and it seemed I had some things to let out about the last few years I passed in England. (See biog) Perhaps if I had of known that 14 Days would be heard by others I wouldn’t have opened up quite as much as I did, but I did and I’m glad that I did.
At the end of 2005 after 2 years of work we had 13 songs. The album 14 Days and the ‘duo’ Plunkett was born.

By Others
With one foot firmly planted in the history of the roots of folk, and one in the present, duo Plunkett bridge the divide to deliver a performance which glides effortlessly and seamlessly into the contemporary age.(IACMusic)

A truly independent anglo-italian singer-songwriter duo producing a unique mix of alternative contemporary folk-country-rock (RecordScout)

Ranging from purely folk style songs in the style of Bob Dylan to higher energy Indie Rock songs with a little bit of old Simon and Garfunkel style story singing in the middle, this is a great album from beginning to end.
This is an album with really great lyrics, songs that move you and make you think set to excellent music (AmieStreet).

To take on strummy, Drake-esque folk is to risk the overwrought--we can't all have Nick's deft touch. But this British/Italian pair stays sincere without going sentimental, thanks largely to lush hooks and vocals so hollowed we can't help but trust them (

14 days can sound touching, warming and deeply personal. Sometimes bordering on the painfully confessional. But it is all done with sensitivity. Rather than whine or moan about lost times, loves, friendships or opportunities, Plunkett show a maturity in their combined writing and arrangements and at times it's hard to believe that only two people were involved in the production of the tracks you're hearing. The lyrics make clear nods to past experiences and relationships, but not in a bitter way. More like a right of passage. Akin to Dylan's Girl From The North Country, it is respectful of times past and wishes only the positive for those involved in the situations (BonzoDog).

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