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Plunkett: an English boy and an Italian girl.
Both Ian and Lara had a love for music from a very early age.
After studying music at Rome, writing and recording with the ambient project Ex Machina and alternative electro pop group Otero, Lara became a partner and A&R of the Dune Records, an independent italian label based in Florence.
Ian had always played in bands and after finally finding like minded musicians the electro pop/rock band ‘Pukromo' was born. In late 1999 Pukromo signed to Dune Records recording their debut album ‘Promise Me Kill Me' during 2000.
Life’s funny sometimes and although the label and band folded, Ian and Lara got together.
Frustrated by the mechanisms and ties of the music biz and tired of their ‘electronic’ past, they focused on their emotions, on themselves. Without any thought or the pressure of trying be anything other than that. Themselves.
In 2006 their debut album ’14 Days’ was released. An acoustic orientated, intimate album of alternative contemporary folk rock. The album received an unexpected critic and listener's acclaim through the internet leading them to being featured artists on some of the most important independent music sites throughout the world. Many of the songs have also since been used in two American independent films: Dave's Date (Forbidden Foot) by Natasha Guruleva (Accent Works) and A Hell Shared by Karl Rose (Current Production).
2008 sees the release of Plunkett’s second album ‘Folk Songs’. Contrasting its predecessor, although still remaining alternative contemporary folk rock, the sound and feeling of the album is much more direct with as much emphasis on the lyrics as on the music.

With a desire to only write songs and move people, Plunkett choose to remain independent artists and work outside of the mainstream music business.

Plunkett make Independent music for independent minds.


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