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Lyrics - 14 Days


Take one went down
Take two nearly drowned
Perhaps we should go back again
Take three back to ground
Take four round and round
And now we can't break from this loop
So just sit back
Take five nearly there
Take six right back down
Didn't want to go there again
Take seven we can do this
Take eight back to loop
Always back to this loop
So just sit back
Just go and
Sit back and watch who you are from outside
Are we happy here
Just sit right back but forget circumstance
Are we happy here
Take nine a bit better now
Ten right feel it growing though
Don't go there try again
Take eleven where to start
Take twelve stop the loop
Forgot to do it again
Searching within for some answers is good
But if loose it
Step out from behind those wide eyes

Lyrics by Ian Plunkett (2005)
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