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Lyrics - 14 Days


Even if I want to
I can't change the world
But if I really want to
I'll make one round me
I hope I'll be a wise man
Never be a right man
Fake a little sign man
And laugh when I'm gone
Love me feed me right until the end
After all I'm just like you
Burn me bleed me but turn it round again
Remember that I could be you
Distractions keep us occupied
There's endless props and pills if you're not normal yeah
Banality power freaks
Hollow words and silent screams
Wake me so
Take me make me right until the end
I could so easily be you
Fake me break me but turn it round again
Sometimes I'll even be you
Communication is world and wide
But information seems it's hidden from me yeah
Reality gets confused
Open lies and broken truths
Ache me so
Watching keeps me occupied
My conscience tells me what is right
An ounce of fat and sad sometimes is normal
What's important is in my heart
Along with love and pride and art
For free

Lyrics by Ian Plunkett (2005)
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