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Lyrics - 14 Days


Hello again
My darkest of friends
Come over
Here all's the same
I'm lost out at sea
And drowning
So we poisoned ourselves
To calm down the waves
That made us and filled up our lungs
How I wanted to rise
I can honestly say
I was sick of sinking inside
Perhaps if you don't think
You can find time to smile
Look straight ahead
My lost little friend
Is that better
Nothing is red
Nothing is blue
And no sound
That was something new
The waves had calmed down
And we're still, quiet and still
But I'd lost what I knew
And I can honestly say
I didn't know what I felt anymore
When you can't breathe
You don't know how to smile
Not all of the
Time there was a reason or why
My friend held my head down
When we blocked out the light
It was worse than the swimming around
Don't be afraid of the waves
And you'll find that they calm
From deep down below you will rise
And see who you are

So at last I'm dry
I've been taken down low
But I found my way back to the ground
It not wrong to sink down
And I can honestly say
That I'm glad I've felt sick deep inside
At least when you feel
You know that you're alive
Goodbye then
My darkest of friends
It's over
You helped me to find
My smile
And lover

Lyrics by Ian Plunkett (2005)
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