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Let us know your opinion about our music.
Believe it or not, this is one of the best things you can do for us.
Your support and appreciation will help us to confirm that good music still has a chance to reach music lovers even without a video on MTV, an expensive production, or a massive radio & magazines promotion campain.

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Comments (42)
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41. Written by Dace on 13-01-2008 17:14
14 days - The river
ALL RIGHT!!! KILLER Tune man!! love the guitars sound.The vocals are just SUPER...Nice job on the MIX to..YES..very good the guitar work in this..cant say enuff good about this song..LOVE IT!!!! 
42. Written by Eirik-larsen-finbak on 13-01-2008 17:13
14 Days - The river
NICE RIVER... cools unged 
fantastic produced...

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