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Comments (42)
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31. Written by SILVERWOODS TOP 50 on 16-01-2008 19:26
14 days
fine new music
32. Written by The place to be RADIO on 16-01-2008 19:24
14 Days song
14 Days... Like this one. It's a nice flowing number that moves along.
33. Written by In ThE heArt of ThE gArDeN on 16-01-2008 19:23
14 Days - Just Rise
There's hope in this for everyone ~ open the heart, soak in the sound... "Look deep within for some truth... its breathin in everything." and it is.
34. Written by Singer Songwriter Storyteller on 16-01-2008 19:21
With one foot firmly planted in the history of the roots of folk, and one in the present, duo Plunkett bridge the divide to deliver a performance which glides effortlessly and seamlessly into the contemporary age.
35. Written by AOR (All Over the Road) on 16-01-2008 19:20
Just Rise
great stuff - in the Cantautore tradition
36. Written by Bill Messik -new artists radio on 13-01-2008 17:19
14 Days
I have to say I did like this music! It has clean smart lyrics that blend very well with the music at hand. They have found a home on my new ipod im getting for christmas....
37. Written by Fungus on 13-01-2008 17:18
14 Days - just rise
RISING STAR. I just love that voice - it's so good to listen to 
The guitars are perfect. The production is perfect. It's a perfect song. 
Nothing more to say - I just love it. 
38. Written by Fungus on 13-01-2008 17:17
14 Days - just rise
Super tune dudes. Love the vocal sound. great guitar play'n. Such a great mood to this. Will listen to anything you will produce. 
39. Written by Vesa on 13-01-2008 17:17
14 Days - Just Rise
This is a very good production. Your vocals are top notch; nice tone. Good lyrics. 
The guitars are well played and compliment the singing well. All the sound is mixed well...a very full sound. 
Like this tune very much. Very genuine original music. It has a great arrangement. Love the injection of slide and the guitar rocks quite well, with just the right amount of playing, adding more expression and interest. 
4 x enjoyable.
40. Written by Chris Moore on 13-01-2008 17:16
14 Days - the river
Don't think I've listened to your tunes before - I'd have remembered the voice if I had - great vocals, and harmonies, and nice guitars - and a good song - no, a really good song. Short but sweet! 4x track. Thanks Chris