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Comments (42)
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21. Written by Dorsey on 16-01-2008 19:34
Out at sea
Simon and Garfunkel revisited with the same poignant, soul-searching, angst-ridden questioning and pleading. Set quietly amidst guitars and lovely harmonies, Plunkett keeps us thinking while enjoying their fine music.
22. Written by dorsey on 16-01-2008 19:34
This is a breath of fresh air so breathe them in and enjoy. Sweet harmonica and pounding rhythm here with a Celtic feel.
23. Written by grantva on 16-01-2008 19:33
14 days
You can really just float away on this song. It's great to relax and let it wash over you...
24. Written by Bobtroll on 16-01-2008 19:32
Close your eyes - they take you places, whether you've been there yourself or not
25. Written by bobtroll on 16-01-2008 19:31
Sun Shines
World weary but finding what makes you feel good. Stunning post-romantic love song.
26. Written by uniSong on 16-01-2008 19:30
The river
this song seems very harmonic. The lyrics are great too.
27. Written by y0uiip on 16-01-2008 19:30
Great contrast of mellow voice to constantly moving backgrounds. Packed in with some sweet harmonica and harmonies, this song is really an interesting one to listen to.
28. Written by Josh on 16-01-2008 19:29
The river
Overall great song, with deep vocals, and awesome folk sound.
29. Written by COTOBnd on 16-01-2008 19:28
30. Written by wildirishrose on 16-01-2008 19:28
Out at sea
I clicked on it because of the title (I love the sea) and was pleasantly surprised by the sound. The voices and music compliment each other well, very mellow- with a bit of jazz near the middle