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Comments (42)
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1. Written by Mike on 25-06-2012 09:00
Reason + Plunkett = Great Joy
Lara and Ian, I heard 'Just Rise' at the end of a video I was watching a few minutes ago on Page Title and loved what I heard. I had to find out who you were and what the song was (the song title wasn't listed in the credits, but your name was). I absolutely love the song and enjoy quite a few of the others from your album that I found from 14 Days on magnatune's site. Off to your Music Store I go to buy 14 Days.
2. Written by MusicTomYears on 06-09-2009 12:35
Plunkett ...Great Sounding Alternative,
Plunkett, are a good solid, well constructed, neat packaged, alternative folk rock band. That has that little bit of an edge, over some other bands. As they are charismatic,make great captivating music, and songs that have good lyrics, that make you want to listen more and more,out with being catchy as well, to their captivating, interesting, heartfelt songs. Or it did me. Let alone the voices that sang in them. And the music was perfect for this band. Making everything perfect sounding,blending both the great vocals and music together giving a winner of an album to check out and download even.
3. Written by Austin Seder on 20-03-2009 14:15
I am severly impressed with your music, yet i do not no where to buy it...which is sad cuz i really like the 14 days cd song and have no money to buy a cd offline...but thanks to youtube i can...check out this really awesome video that sum1 made,,,u will like it alot ive passed it to over 1000 people in a month 
jus type in Yuna/Tidus Far Away(plunkett)
4. Written by roguepuppet on 04-12-2008 16:59
contemporary folk songs
Their latest album proves that Plunkett was not just a flash in the pan band fueled by their passion for each other. "emperor's new clothes" is a perfect example of the maturity, balance and sheer fun bursting from the entire album.
5. Written by S.Spencer on 30-10-2008 06:30
Check out Plunkett now!
"Plunkett" pleases with smart melodies and harmonies, as well as bright airy lyrics and a sincere and fun delivery. "Flies" is a great example of fine song-craft, as is "The Emperor's New Clothes." Check out Plunkett now!
6. Written by Plong42 on 17-10-2008 18:07
A sheep tale
Lovely song. I like that we hear more of Lara's voice on this one... she sounds kind of like an Italian Suzanne Vega.
7. Written by Drb on 17-10-2008 17:29
It's just how it seemed...
One of my favorite bands on Amiestreet! This is just another magical song that makes you realise how good this band is! "I remember a time . . . . . " when all music sounded this good!
8. Written by Cuchulainn on 13-06-2008 14:08
The River
This is the first time I've ever been moved to make a rec, and I'm not planning on making it a habit, because hey, who has the time? But if you like Belle & Sebastian, or M. Ward, or Nick Drake, or James Yorkston, do yourself a favour and get this song... it will probably lead you to buying the rest of the album, which would be a very good thing, both for you and them. It's good karma to support intelligent, tasteful pop.
9. Written by Zb - on 02-05-2008 08:50
Le vingt et unième siècle par Plunkett
Simplicité et approche directe sont les deux préceptes, tenus, tout au long de leur deuxième album par le duo anglo-italien, Plunkett.  
Pour aborder le vingt et unième siècle, ils ont écarté l'épopée, préféré la chronique et, musicalement, ont choisi la forme folk et l'indépendance.  
Dernière et seule voie possible.
10. Written by Karl on 28-04-2008 18:06
Superb folk songs!
I love your new album! Lyrics and music are superb! I'm already eagerly waiting for your new album :) All the best to Plunkett!