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The following people have given or continue to give free support to Plunkett. We sincerely thank them for their time and interest in what we do.

Vito Volpe - Novelist, musician & photographer >> more info
Tiziana De Meis - photographer >> more info >> contact
Luca Proietti - Musician & music teacher >> more info
Bruce Morrison - Sound engineer & musician >> more info
Roberta Pedica - Musician & Music teacher
Stuart Wilson - Poet & teacher
Marcus Knight a.k.a Bonzo Dog
June and Friends >> more info
Green Dragon - Podcaster, Bite size bonus >> more info
Luis dB - radio DJ, Isla De Robinson >> more info
Natasha Guruleva - Film maker (AccentWorks) >> more info
Everett Phillips - Actor, photographer & musician >> more info
Barry George Plunkett
Karl Rose - Film maker (Current Production) >> more info
Eddie Dickey - Podcaster, Lending a voice >> more info