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Welcome to the PLUNKETT official website.
Discover the unique sound of this anglo italian independent alternative folk rock duo.
Plunkett is one of the best independent alternative bands on the internet.
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The first album of this independent band is 14 Days, released in 2006. The overall feel here is acoustic, but with more sophisticated arrangements and deeper musicianship than most work in this genre. Warm, melodic, and artfully crafted songs are in the best tradition of British Folk-Rock, a succesful cross between Nick Drake, Mark Laneghan and the Beatles. Standout tracks include the starry-eyed "Picture" as well as "The River", "Up A Hill" and "Breathe".
Ian and Lara Plunkett - a world-class singer-songwriter team
A highly poignant and engaging album. In 2008 the duo releases the second album Folk Songs, music made and enjoyed in the interstices of a working life, in fast lunch breaks and short evenings and bone-weary weekends, music to lift up the spirit, open up emotions, reconnect people to the profound undertow of feeling that labour in the field or factory can dull and numb. Most of all, though, the music offered to us here stirs the soul: the vocal blend of Ian’s warm East Anglian timbre with Lara’s dark, gently inflected Italian accent, combined with a treasure trove of punchy tunes and soaring harmonica and crunching guitar will set you up for the day.
Standout tracks include Folk Songs Song, Dinosaurs " Satellites, Sweat, Flies. Intelligent, profound, all-involving alternative pop rock.
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